Prayers are offered each day at All Saints'.  If you would like someone prayed for, please do contact the Rector.

Almighty God, our heavenly father, you promised through your son Jesus Christ to hear us when we pray in faith. At a time when there are so many restrictions on our lives we thank you that the channel of prayer is still open to us.

We pray for your Church: May it find the courage always to point to the hope and comfort and peace you offer, especially in times of difficulty and sorrow.


Bless our Bishops Christopher, David, and Nicholas and all the clergy here in Stamford especially Father Neil and David who minister in this Parish. Inspire them with your Word and Spirit and sustain them during these challenging times. 


Lord in Your Mercy…. Hear our Prayer



Heavenly Father, We pray for your world, especially where it is damaged by violence, oppression and hunger. We pray for peace where there is war, justice for the oppressed, and food where there is hunger. 


We lay before you the excesses of our modern life that have led to climate change and ask that you help us and all Nations of the World to make sustainable changes for the benefit of all future generations. 



Lord in Your Mercy…Hear our Prayer


Heavenly Father, we continue to ask for your healing touch on all who are suffering in the Covid Pandemic, in this Country and across the World. We pray for our medical, social and emergency services, giving you thanks for their care and dedication. We thank you for all those working to administer vaccines and those making sacrifices in their daily lives to protect others. Send your Spirit as a comforter to us all, bringing the spiritual and psychological help and guidance needed at this time. 


Lord In your Mercy….Hear our Prayer


Heavenly Father, we pray for our Schools, especially our Church School of St.Gilbert of Sempringham. We lay before you our anxiety that children are falling behind in their education and development during this period of lockdown and pray that schools may reopen in a safe way in the near future. We give thanks for all teachers. Inspire them to respond to the educational challenges that the Pandemic has created.

Lord in Your Mercy ….Hear our Prayer


Living God, source of light and life we bring before you all who are unwell this day, those who are dear to us and those known only by you. We ask you to ease their pain and bring quietness to troubled minds.

We pray particularly for

Rae Boreham, Alan Raven, Peter Hart, J B Wilson, Dorothy Court, Pam Walden, Shirley Grant, Irene Bailey, Alan Chiverton, Michael Brackenbury and Philip Broggio

May they feel the warmth of your love and peace in their hearts.

Lord in your Mercy. Hear our Prayer

Heavenly Father, We pray now for those who have recently died.

We remember 

Bill Turner, Michael Kee, Vic Couzens, William Holland,John Stimpton and David Fox . We give thanks for their lives and the memories they have given us. 

We pray for the close friends and relatives of all those who have recently died and for all those experiencing the pain of grief..

Give, we pray, to those who have died eternal life and to those that mourn the love, grace, and comfort of your Holy Spirit

Lord in your mercy. Hear our prayer 

Heavenly Father, Help us during this period of Lent to remove the obstacles in our lives that prevent us from getting closer to you and to better see and understand the way you would wish us to be. Help us to recognise all that we have and to redirect our focus away from ourselves and on to the needs of others and on to the needs of the World


And rejoicing in the fellowship of all the Saints, we commend ourselves and the whole creation to your unfailing love

Merciful father accept these prayers for the sake of your son our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen