Prayers are offered each day at All Saints'.  If you would like someone prayed for, please do contact the Rector.


As this week of prayer for Christian Unity draws to a close we pray for your church worldwide, especially at this time of global crisis, that barriers may be broken down and so bring hope and comfort to all in dark places.

In the Anglican cycle of prayer we pray for the church of Bangladesh - of the Porvoo chuches in the Church of England the diocese of Birmingham and the diocese of Cork, Cloyne and Ross in the Church of Ireland, and of the Evangelican Lutheran Church in Denmark the diocese of Elsinore. Here we pray for our bishops : David, Nicholas and Christopher and all clergy  in this town. Bless Fr Neil and David in all that they are and do for our church and the wider community.

Lord, in your mercy    Hear our prayer

May all the countries in the world and their governments work together in this time of uncertainty and distress to overcome the virus in all its forms. May we always obey Jesus' commandment to love and serve one another and also to be mindful of the need to protect our magnificent planet. Let us pray now for America and its new President Joe Biden and his team as they seek to bring peace to a divided nation. As   we give thanks for snowdrops and aconites, harbingers of spring, we also ask for relief for all suffering the effects of flooding and storm Christophe, and of disasters near and far.

Lord, in your mercy   Hear our prayer

We give thanks for all good neighbours, for the foodbank and other initiatives, for all providing medical care, for all who work tirelessly to support all  here in this town. God of compassion we entrust to your loving care the anxious, the lonely, the fearful, the sick.  We pray for: Pam Walden, Rae Boreham, David Bedows, Irene Bailey, Shirley Grant, Alan Raven, Peter Hart, JB Wilson, Dorothy Court and those known only to us. We pray for your peace for those who have died, and comfort for those who cared for and miss them.  We remember: Bob Benjamin, Paul Bagshaw, Margaret Mee, Michael Kee, William Melton, Susan Woodthorpe

Lord, in your mercy    Hear our prayer

In the words of the hymn we pray that "through all the changing scenes of life, in trouble and in joy, the praies of our God will still our heart and soul employ."  Merciful Father, accept our prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.