Peregrines nested on the All Saints tower for the first time in 2021, rearing two chicks. The birds generated great interest in the local community and so over the following winter two cameras, funded by generous donations from members of the church congregation, were installed overlooking the two turrets favoured by the birds. Pea gravel, which provides the perfect nesting substrate, was added in both locations to encourage them to breed again. Sure enough, the birds chose to nest in front of one of the cameras, giving us a privileged view of Peregrine family life over the course of spring and summer 2022, when they reared three chicks. Three chicks again fledged successfully in 2023.  

This year the Peregrines have moved to the turret they used in 2021 and four chicks hatched between 6th-8th May. We are holding regular Peregrine watches every Friday from 10am-2pm, coinciding with the church's weekly coffee bar. Come and enjoy a coffee, delicious homemade cake and meet the team. 

Click the play icon below to watch the live stream.  You can also view the footage in the church, which is open daily. 

You can get great views of the Peregrines from Red Lion Square in Stamford, and one of our talented volunteers, Stuart Wilson, has been documenting the birds' progress with his camera. We'll be posting a selection of Stuart's brilliant photos and videos on this page.