Weddings are a joyful and wonderful celebration and All Saints' Stamford is pleased to support couples who come to us for their wedding ceremony.  The Church teaches that marriage is a gift from God and we  wish to support you as you prepare for your wedding day.  The day is full of love and joy but there is also a serious legal element to the day which has to be followed. 

Couples looking to get married in All Saints' need what's called a qualifying connection to the church.  This means that you or your fiancee fulfil one of the following (or hopefully more):

  • you regularly attend services at All Saints' and have done for more than six months
  • you live or have lived within the parish of All Saints' Church for more than six months, to find this out, please click here
  • you were baptised at All Saints' and or/ your confirming church parish was All Saints'
  • your parents reside in the parish and have done so for more than six months
  • your parents or grandparents were married at All Saints'

For further information please look at the Church of England website here

People who are divorced will need to have a chat with the Rector before you book the church. 

If you would like more information or would like to book All Saints' for your wedding please contact Kathy Longbone here and complete this form