The Parish of All Saints with St John the Baptist, Stamford

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A parish of the Church of England in the Diocese of Lincoln and the Deanery of Stamford

This Sunday, 28th June,
4th Sunday after Trinity

  • 08:00 Holy Eucharist (Order 1, said, page 167)
  • 09:30 Parish Eucharist (Order 1, sung)
  • 11:15 Saints Alive! (a week later than usual)
  • 15:00 Holy Baptism
  • 18:30 Ecumenical Celtic Worship at Trinity Methodist Church, Barn Hill. No service here

Sunday Saints, our group for young children, does not meet this week
Coffee, and biscuits are served in church between the 09:30 and 11:15 services and all are welcome

For complete calendar please see Saints Online

Parish News and the diocesan magazine CrossLincs are both available in church now. Please make sure you have your copy.

This Week

Morning and Evening Prayer:

Daily Prayer* will be said Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 08:00 & 17:00 only

All Saints' Community Café:

Open on Fridays in church between about 09:30 and about 13:00 for hot drinks and light refreshments

* Every effort is made to hold the advertised prayer services, but weekday Morning and Evening Prayer are occasionally subject to cancellation without notice if a minister is delayed at another appointment

Thursday 2nd July

  • 10:00 Holy Eucharist (Order 1, said, page 167)

Saturday 4th July

  • 17:30 Ordination of Priests at Lincoln Cathedral

Next Sunday, 5th July,
5th Sunday after Trinity

  • 08:00 Holy Eucharist (Order 1, said, page 167)
  • 09:30 Parish Eucharist (Order 1, sung)
  • 10:30 Ordination of Deacons at Lincoln Cathedral
  • 14:00 Holy Baptism
  • 18:30 Evening Prayer (said, page 38)

Sunday Saints, our group for young children, meets at the Church Centre at 09:20
Coffee and biscuits are served in church after the 09:30 service and all are welcome

All Saints' Parish Church in the centre of Stamford aims to welcome anyone who comes seeking something of God. Whatever your stage in faith, from first vague enquiry to years of faithful worship and service, there is a place for you in the life of All Saints'. With about 12,000 residents, our parish is the largest in Stamford, extending out along the Tinwell, Empingham, Casterton and Little Casterton Roads and including Essex Road and New Cross Road, and like the other churches in the town, we have many members and visitors from all over Stamford and beyond.

We are ordinary local people who see in Jesus purpose and direction for our lives.

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1: All Saints; 2: St Mary's; 3: St George's; 4: Christ Church; 5: St Martin's

Postcode for GPS Navigation purposes: PE9 2AG - not to be used for postal services
If the map shows that you are not in our parish, you can find out which is your own parish church by typing in your postcode on the PARISH FINDER here

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